December 31st, 2007

The Dark Delicacies Writing Group

I've decided to end 2007 not with the usual boring top ten list(s) or measuring my own accomplishments (or lack thereof), but to come clean on a dirty little secret I've kept for the last two years:

In early 2006, Del Howison and I founded a writing group. We were both feeling kind of de-energized, wanted to be around enthusiastic and supportive writers, and knew a few other people who felt the same way. We started with about half-a-dozen members, and decided to get together once a month for drinks, conversation, sharing work, etc. Not long after forming the group, we added a private online forum where we could share works-in-progress. We also added more members.

Now, two years later, we're at about a dozen members, with usually 7 to 10 showing up for our monthly gatherings. We've got a couple of out-of-state "virtual" members, who share with us via our forum. We've got everything from working writers to those still trying to make that first sale; as you might imagine, being in Southern California we have a couple of screenwriters, and we also have one game writer.

I'm tremendously proud of the 2007 accomplishments of the members of this group. We had five first fiction sales this year (including one that was just announced last night!), and I'll bet we see some novel sales in 2008. We even put together our own Christmas carol this year:

(Sung to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas")

In 2007, our group did kick some ass:

14 Small Screenwriting Jobs

7 Short Story Sales

4 Game Writing Jobs

3 Film Review Article Sales

2 Nonfiction Book Sales

2 Flash Fiction Sales

1 Anthology Book Sale

1 Major Feature Film Deal

1 Story Optioned to TV

1 Regular Columnist Job

1 Bram Stoker Award


1 Film Trailer Contest Win!

My admiration and affection go out to Armand, George, Jason, Jodi, Joey, John, Kelly, Lisa2, Mike, Rich, Ricky, Vince and of course Del. We really lucked out with this group - all uniquely talented, determined, and supportive.

Take it from me: You're going to be seeing a lot of these people in 2008.