November 18th, 2007

Grrlz rule!

Yesterday was one of the best gatherings of horror writers I've ever attended - due in part to the fact that, for a delightful change, there were more women than men present.

We held a meeting of the San Fernando Valley chapter of the HWA in conjunction with a signing at Dark Delicacies featuring Deborah LeBlanc, Alex Sokoloff and Sarah Langan. After the signing, we gathered at the nearby Mexican restaurant, about 15 in all (maybe 20, if you factor in some who came late or left early). Aside from the three authors du jour, we also had ladyeuthanasia and faustfatale (both of whom, incidentally, had fabulous hair yesterday!). The boys held up their end with John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow (who is stalking me, by the way), Del Howison, and Michael Louis Calvillo. I picked up Sarah's new book The Missing, and saw an ARC of Christa's forthcoming Money Shot (damn, this book just even feels good!). Afterwards I drove Deb back to her LAX hotel (thing you didn't know about Deborah LeBlanc: She has the secret ability to kill car batteries). We even got in a little HWA business.

I feel like I learned more in three hours in the company of all these delightful writers than I usually do in three days of a convention. All are extraordinarily generous with advice and tips, and my personal creative font has been seriously refilled.

The genre is lucky to have these women, and HWA is damn lucky to have Deb LeBlanc for a president. Here's hoping some of that luck has rubbed off on me now.