November 16th, 2007

My dinner was better than yours

Last night I had the pleasure of sharing margaritas and tacos with the delightful actress-cum-author Cerina Vincent (star of Cabin Fever, author of the forthcoming Harper Collins title How to Eat Like a Hot Chick). Forget that Cerina is gorgeous, funny, smart and talented; Del Howison set the meeting up because he wanted us to talk about her self-publishing venture.

Last year, Cerina and her co-author self-published How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, after having it turned down by the major publishing houses. A few months later, after they'd sold their self-published print run, they went back to HarperCollins and grabbed a sale this time. The book will come out on December 26, with an initial print run of 35,000.

One of my arguments against self-publishing has always been that the books just look so crappy. Serina, being obviously brighter than the average self-published author, hired an actual book designer to do her book, and the self-published version was very attractive. She hired a publicist and worked like crazy to promote it. She got an agent, and finally managed to sell it to HarperCollins.

Now granted, I ain't young, pretty, and a horror movie starlet, but...well, the self-publishing outlet looks a little less repulsive after that. I'd no longer completely rule it out in the future, that's all I'm sayin'.