October 30th, 2007


Here, to get you in the mood for your Halloween celebration, is a link to my new personal obsession:

Ehag artists on ebay

"Okay, Lisa...what da heck is ehag?" I hear you asking. Wellll...

ehag stands for "Eclectic Halloween Artists Group", and is composed of artists who all create in the specific genre of Halloween art! I mean, c'mon...how cool is THAT?!

I got turned onto this gang through the works of Matthew Kirscht. Matthew creates new, original paintings, usually in watercolor or acrylic, which re-imagine the vintage Halloween postcard art of the 1910s and '20s. His delightful artbook, 10/31, was just published by blurb.com, and he frequently sells original pieces at galleries and on ebay; any lover of vintage Halloween graphics (like, oh, say...ME!) will fall in love with Matthew's whimsical and beautifully executed pieces. I plan on acquiring a few of his original works soon.

Be warned - anyone who bids against me will be forced to endure a Halloween without candy or scary movies!