October 17th, 2007

It's that time of year again...

No, (for a change) I'm not talking about Halloween. It's that nasty Stoker-hyping time.

I wasn't gonna do anything this year, really I wasn't. But...well, I like this story too much. It's "Forces of Evil, Starring Robert Fields", from Midnight Premiere (co-written with my Army of Darkness man Richard Grove). Writers: If you're like me, you probably look at a lot of your published stuff and think, Yeah, it's okay. But every once in a while you get the pleasure of reading one and thinking, Holy crap - I wrote this?! Yep, I'm particularly pleased by this story.

It's already been more than gratifying to have this story praised by two of my favorite writers (Tom Piccirilli, who bought it for the book, and Gary Braunbeck, who wrote me after reading it...twice!). I'd love to share the story with everyone. However, since the publisher might frown on that, I can offer PDFs to HWAfolk and claim it's for Stoker consideration. By the way, the whole anthology is really good, and although at forty bucks it's a little pricy, it's worth it (and Cemetery Dance still has copies).

So, if you're in HWA and are willing to indulge me, drop me a line - it's lisa at lisamorton dot com - and I'll get you a PDF. Thanks!