October 2nd, 2007

WeHo horror

This past Sunday was the annual West Hollywood Book Fair. I appeared on a panel on writing short fiction for the horror anthology, alongside two of my editors (Del Howison and Jeff Gelb), and one of my best buds, Joey O'Bryan, a screenwriter who just scored his first short story sale to Dark Delicacies 2: Fear.

The event was fun, but was so incredibly hot that we left as soon as the signing was done. Had it been a little less on the broiling side, I would have loved to hang out and chat with some of the indie comic artists, whose booth was right next to Dark Delicacies'.

Here's a page with a few pics from the event:

Dark Delicacies Forum.

BTW, Dark Delicacies 2 (which I'm not in, but support wholeheartedly nonetheless!) will be released next week. Dark Delicacies will be getting them first, just in time for this Sunday's signing. The only story from this new anthology I've already read is Joey's, and I can guarantee you that it alone is worth the cover price!