September 7th, 2007

Things I'd just as soon forget

I've never found my own past to be particularly interesting, but lately I can't seem to escape it: Cartoon series I wrote for show up on YouTube. Insanely bad fanzines I scribbled as a child are now revered at some websites*.

And today, I picked up a 1985 book called Forrest J. Ackerman's Fantastic Movie Memories, flipped it open at random, and stared in disbelief when the page fell open to a photograph I took (from the horrible 19eightysomething monster flick The Beast Within). I probably knew about this photo being in this book at some time in the long ago, and have just completely wiped it from my memory.

I'd really prefer to be getting news about my future...

*=No, you're not getting a URL to the fanzines, nor will I tell you what they were. Fortunately I had just barely enough common sense as an adolescent to write this drivel under a variety of pseudonyms.