September 2nd, 2007


It takes a lot to make me dislike my hometown, but...I ain't keen on it today.

It's currenly 106 degrees. The car now won't start after we use the air conditioning, so no more a.c. while driving. The a.c. at work kept us at a non-comfy 90 degrees yesterday, during our 20th anniversary sale and non-stop work. And now the a.c. at home just died, becoming nothing but a fan.

Despite a delightful dim sum brunch with the fabulous ladyeuthanasia and her equally fine Frenchman, I'm in for a miserable weekend. I wanted to be wonderfully productive with my extra day off; as it is, all my energies are going to just trying to survive.

Someday I hope to grow up and live/work/drive with real air conditioning.