August 29th, 2007

This morning's visitor

We awoke this morning to find our little flirt Roxie batting her lashes at this handsome fellow:

He was perched two feet above our balcony railing, chittering away at Roxie, who really was sitting there giving him her patented Happy Cat Squint.

I've always been fascinated by the number of wild animals I've seen within a few blocks of my home in the middle of SoCal urbansprawl. Okay, maybe a squirrel isn't exactly a truly wild animal...but I've seen possums, coyotes, raccoons, snakes, hawks, deer, and some honkin' big spiders all within the confines of L.A. I've always wanted to write a story that would somehow incorporate L.A.'s collection of wildlife, but it just doesn't seem right to put these lovely, determined survivors in a horror story, and nothing else has come to mind yet.

"Roxie and the Squirrel" sure has a nice ring though, doesn't it?