August 24th, 2007

I hear you, brother writer!

Like nick_kaufmann, I also seem to be in a strange period of writing ups and downs.

Ups: I realized yesterday that within the last month my work has appeared in a hardback (Midnight Premiere), a trade paperback (Dark Passions: Hot Blood XIII), and a mass market paperback (the reprint of Dark Delicacies). And my first honest-to-goodness blurb appeared on a book (for The Undead: Flesh and Blood); it's not even a lie, because the quality of this collection really did surprise me, especially the stories by David Wellington, Eric Shapiro and Vince Churchill.

Downs: Waiting. Waiting on agent responses. Waiting on two novella submissions. Waiting on The Top Secret Television Project. Waiting on several short story submissions.

And I'd love to submit even more (I've got a - well, damn it, I'm sorry, but it's true - kickass collection of almost all new material centered around yet another novella), but I'm not sure how much more waiting I can take right now.