July 25th, 2007


While the rest of you have been living it up at Necon or Horrorfind or all those other cool events (and damn you, by the way), I have not been idly lounging about watching the (non-existent Southern California) clouds drift by.

No, indeed. I've written four scripts for the Top Secret Television Project. Over the next three weeks, said project will be taken to most of the major networks (many of whom have apparently requested a look-see, which is a good sign). All four of my scripts are adaptations.

And this lovely review just appeared in the Quality Paperback Book Club newsletter:

"Burbank, California’s Dark Delicacies may have the
distinction of being the only all-horror store in the U.S.,
but now it has lent its name and imprimatur to a major new
horror anthology featuring some of the top names in the
field. Ranging from noir to slasher, these 19 stories take
you to 1930s San Francisco, where a corrupt cop runs afoul
of a Chinese racketeer; 1822 Germany, where young
intellectuals hear a tale of decadence amid the dead; and
Texas in 2010, when fundamentalists rule, and heretics meet
an unthinkable fate. And you’ll meet a ghastly cast of
characters, from a psychiatrist ridden by a sex-crazed demon
of his own to a shell hunter who meets terror at the tide
pools. Designed to please the palate of the genre’s most
discriminating fans, this feast of fear is as freshly
original as it is chillingly delicious.

My 5-star review:
Everything from supernatural to magical to straight serial
killers are represented here. My favorites are "Black Mill
Cove" by Lisa Morton and "Haeckel's Tale" by Clive Barker.
But there's really not a bad story in the lot, which is
quite a feat. Required reading for all horror fans.
Hopefully there's more to come."

If you think that review might have something to do with the first part of this journal post - you get the gold star!