July 14th, 2007

"La Hacienda de la Muerte"

I celebrated my Friday the 13th by writing the first thirteen-hundred words (really, I swear it was thirteen-hundred!) of a new story called "La Hacienda de la Muerte" (which may actually turn into a novella).

For some reason, about half of my fiction over the last year has been movie-themed. I mean, I know you're all going, "Stupid girl, of COURSE it has! You're a fricking screenwriter!" But really, I've never been interested in writing prose stories centering on film before. I get enough Hollywood in my day-to-day existence, don't need more in my fiction.

Until the last year. Now it all seems to be centered on film. Not American film, mind you, or at least not contemporary American film. One is set in Hong Kong; one's in the world of '60s exploitation cinema; one is in '70s Italian giallo cinema; two take place in the silent film era; and this new one is set in the Mexican movie biz during the '50s horror heyday.

Only problem is...not sure what to do with these things. Hmmm...dare I use that word...COLLECTION?!