July 7th, 2007

The last treat is in...

I got the final illustration for the new Halloween book yesterday, so it's off to the publisher (McFarland) on Monday.

McFarland asked for a brief description of the book. Here's what I gave 'em:

Hallowmas Eve and Nutcrack Night: An Anthology of Hallowe'en Writings Over the Centuries is the first anthology of its type - a collection of complete original source materials relating to Hallowe'en. Ranging from pre-Christian Celtic myths to early 20th-century articles, the book's 27 entries include poems, short stories, sections from 19th- and 20th-century folklore books, a one-act play, Irish and Scottish folk tales, a history of Jack-o'-Lantern legends, and the first book ever published on the holiday, 1898's Hallowe'en: How to Celebrate It. Related holidays covered in the book include the ancient year's end celebration of Samhain, and the British Guy Fawkes Day. The book also includes nearly three-dozen vintage illustrations, annotations, a bibliography and an index.