June 28th, 2007


I've got a story in the new Cemetery Dance anthology Midnight Premiere. I've got a good story in Midnight Premiere, a story that's already garnered me some nice notice and that I'd love for other people to read. Trouble is...the book is perpetually delayed. However, this note came yesterday from editor Tom Piccirilli:

Just wanted to pass on this bit of news I received from Cemetery Dance this morning:

"Pic: just wanted to let you know that we'll be receiving MIDNIGHT PREMIERE from the printer this week, and should start shipping preorders by Friday. The first copies off the press arrived today and I'll be sending two of them right out to you. The rest of your copies should arrive at your place next week."

The publisher SHOULD be shipping copies directly to all contributors next week, so hopefully everyone should have a contributor copy in hand before mid-July.

Thanks again for your patience, all. Much appreciated.

Best, Pic

Here's hoping it's true.