June 12th, 2007

Spring (stupid) fever

Is spring fever making people stupid? Is something being dumped into Southern California's air aside from all those hydrocarbons? I ask because I've been deluged with incredibly stupid questions for the past week. Normally I love my bookselling job, but right now I'm grumpy and irritable and ready to strangle the next idiot who asks something as asinine as:

(My three "favorite" stupid questions of the past week)

1) (From the woman who is calling for the third time to get directions) "I'm on Highland near Sunset...which way is north?" My response: "I'm not in your car, now am I?"

2) (From someone who seems to be having a hard time grasping the concept of selling us his used books): "So what do you mean when you say that anyone can look at them but I'd probably be best off dealing with the main buyer?" My response: "I mean that anyone can look at them but you'd probably be best off dealing with the main buyer."

3) (From someone who has shown me a box of books to sell; I've bought three, but told him we're totally overstocked on everything else): "Oh no, I know you don't have THIS one," at which point he pulls out Deepak Chopra's Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. My response (when I can finally stop laughing): "I've only seen five copies of that book already TODAY."

And what's with the people who regurgitate back everything you say to them ten times? "So you're open until ten? Every night? You're open until ten every night? Until ten?" I can feel myself aging during these conversations...

Okay, still - I wouldn't give it up. For every redundant and braindead twit, there are at least three cool people who like to talk about Phil Dick and Orson Welles and cats and Frank Gehry and Orrie Hitt. If it weren't for them...I'd be all for legalizing murder.