May 11th, 2007

A review that cracks me up

This comes from a review of Dark Delicacies, to be found in the current (#21) issue of the English magazine From The Tomb:

"Lying within come new works from Ray Bradbury, Ramsey Campbell, Steve Niles, David J.
Schow and Brian Lumley. there are many other names who you will be equally familiar
with as well as a few who may appear relatively new, one of whom for me was Lisa
Morton, whose narrative really did unnerve me. Lisa, that was a little too close for

The story is about a solitary abalone hunter who confronts a killer in an isolated Northern California tide pool. I don't know Peter Normanton, who wrote this review, but I gotta ask...what part of that story is "too close for comfort"? Has Britain recently been invaded by fearsome land abalones, clamping their mother-of-pearl masses onto the bodies of innocent reviewers? If so, England, heat up those fryin' pans and get eatin'!

(In all fairness to Mr. Normanton, however - I am pleased to get a review like that!)