May 4th, 2007

Is this the best spam every?

I swear I didn't make this up; nope, I really did receive this as spam:

Let me write your complete, original screenplay overnight, working from your idea and/or notes. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and there are no tricks or gimmicks involved. It won't be the greatest screenplay ever written, but it will be better than most of the screenplays you've read. Best yet, it will be "sellable".

Let's sit down together at a cafe for an hour or two and do a scene-by-scene breakdown. With your approval and a deposit of $250, I will finish a draft of your script for you to read the next day. If you're absolutely and completely satisfied after reading it, keep the printed copy, and I'll provide copies of the file on disk, by e-mail, and as a web link, for a balance due of $750.

So if you're finally ready to finish that screenplay, reply to *@*. If this isn't for you, why not tell a friend? I can do one or two a week, because frankly, I love the pace. If you want your e-mail address automatically removed from my list, reply to *@*.

I've removed the e-mail addresses, since...well, I'll bet I could write a screenplay overnight, so you should hire me instead! And it would be "sellable", yeah it would!