March 24th, 2007


I've recently become quite fond of novellas. As a reader, I love the idea that I can read a complete long piece of fiction in the same amount of time I might waste on a lame movie, especially if the fiction's as good as something like Norman Patridge's Dark Harvest or Gary Braunbeck's "The Ballad of Road Mama and Daddy Bliss". Even if the novella's bad, I can learn from it, since breaking down the mistakes in one of these mid-length fiction piece is easier than it sometimes is with novels. And I haven't wasted weeks to read the whole damn thing.

As a writer, I'm halfway through my second novella, and I'm loving this form. If I write 1,500 words in an evening, I've just completed nearly a tenth of the entire thing. I can keep the pace fast and I know I'll never have to worry about meeting some minimum word count to get it considered.

And this one...well, it's...uh...yeah, okay. It's naughty. It's called "Wild Girls". It may even piss some people off. I've already had one member of my writing group try to warn me away from writing this.

I'm hoping to shop it at World Horror, frankly, although it's not the kind of thing I would show some publishers. It's going to be a most interesting ride with this one.

(And yes, I am writing a few words a day on this while trying to run my part of the World Horror insanity. And trying to wrangle a horrid head cold. What can I say? I'm a dedicated woman.)

Now excuse me while I go swill the Nyquil again.