March 22nd, 2007

Just what I needed...

The fates are conspiring against me this week. Day before yesterday my car window was smashed and part of the radio stolen - in broad daylight (about 10:30 a.m.), and while it was parked about 20 feet from a major intersection (the corner of Cahuenga and Chandler, where the Iliad is located). At least the bastard didn't get the bulk of the stereo, and managed to cut himself badly enough to bleed all over the front seat.

Then I woke up yesterday morning sick. Today it's ripping my throat apart with fire and reducing my voice to a hoarse whisper.

And you know what? NONE OF IT'S SLOWIN' ME DOWN!! Ya hear that, Fates? I'm still going to do all my errands today for the WHC/HWA deal*, and see my hair lady, AND do some writing! So THERE!!!

(Lisa rails at the heavens with clenched fists, and then collapses in a spasmatic coughing fit...)

*Of course if I don't do my errands today, the Stoker banquet will have neither programs nor decorations, so I...uh...kinda hafta.