March 9th, 2007

Nature abhors a vacuum...

"Hey, running the Stokers this year will be easy," I told people months ago. "I don't have to deal with hotels or program books or panels or goodie bags. No problem!"

Go ahead - laugh.

What of course I didn't figure on was: 1) That for the first time this year I would have to oversee the actual creation of the physical awards, from manufacturing to designing camera-ready art for the engraving to shipping to Toronto; and 2) figuring (ridiculously, I know) that I'd have less to do, I tried to create some cool new things for HWA (like a signing schedule for our attending members). Now every spare waking moment goes to figuring this stuff out. No writing for me, nope; gotta spend tonight matching fonts to old trophies, or figuring out how to move Joe Author's signing time from Friday to Saturday, or getting another bill squared away.

I will, however, be taking time out to attend the annual Vintage Paperback Show in Mission Hills on Sunday. Although I'm not a huge vintage paperback collector, I still enjoy just walking around this small, dealer-oriented fair and taking in the sights of fifty years of paperback cover art.

Then of course I will promptly return home and get back to trying to figure out how to make HWA's new logo work on trophies and what to do with ten volunteers and...
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