February 28th, 2007

The Plot Genie

Today I came across a very rare book from 1935 called The Plot Genie. These things go for $400 online, and here's what it is: A little cardboard wheel imprinted with numbers which you spin, then match the numbers to corresponding sections of a book that break down a plot into little chunks. The previous owner had played with his Plot Genie a few times, and here are the results from one of his "Recording Sheets":

Locale - In a dope den
Lover - Artist
Beloved - Ringmaster's daughter
Problem - A boycott is threatened by duty to religion
Love obstacle - A misunderstanding caused by enemies
Complication - Fatal ambition threatens to deprive loved one of relief
Predicament - An innocent person is accused of being a slave to passion
Crisis - Liberty is threatened by a blackmailer
Climax - The enemy makes a sacrifice to a memory or sentiment

Now I don't know about you, but I would pay damn good money to read any book set in a dope den involving a romance between an artist and a ringmaster's daughter. It's money, baby, money!

'Scuse me now. Gotta go plagiarize that write.