February 19th, 2007

Conversations with Dad

(Excerpted from yesterday's phone conversation with Dad. Edited to exclude my constant repetition, since Dad's hearing loss requires every line to be repeated with increasing volume until I'm shouting)

DAD: So you won an award! (My stepmother says something in the background) Wait - on the message machine you said...uh..."nominated"?

ME: Right.

DAD: So that means you haven't won?

ME: Right. (long beat - he's obviously confused) See, I'm nominated with four other stories.

DAD: Oh! So it's like the Oscars!

ME: Right. Like the Oscars.

DAD: So does this come with money?

ME: No, it's just a writing award. No money.

DAD: Do you get anything if you win?

ME: Well, yeah, you get a really cool trophy. It looks like a little haunted house.

DAD: Oh. So why wasn't "Black Mill Cove"* nominated?

ME: I don't know.

DAD: Can they nominate two things in one year?

ME: What do you mean?

DAD: Why couldn't they nominate this story AND "Black Mill Cove"?

ME: "Black Mill Cove" was published in 2005. These are 2006 awards.

DAD: Oh. So "Black Mill Cove" was nominated last year.

ME: No, it wasn't. It didn't get that far.

DAD: Why not?

ME: I don't know.

DAD: Did anyone read it?

ME: Yeah, they read it, Dad.


*="Black Mill Cove" remains the only story of mine that Pop's probably read all the way through, since it was based on an abalone hunting trip he took me on.