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February 5th, 2007

First or third...first or third...

I could lie and say that I haven't gotten any work done on a new novel because I've been tied up with HWA and WHC work (well, not much of a lie, that). Or I could mention that in January I wrote a short story, which now languishes in the "maybe" pile of an anthology. Or I could shamefacedly confess to having played way the heck too much of this lately.

But the real truth is that I can't decide on the point-of-view for this book. I first started this book, Strippers, more than a decade ago, and at that time it seemed like a brilliant move to tell it in first person. I wrote nearly 20,000 words of it, and got sucked back into some damn movie or other. Now I'm looking at this again, and although I like it overall, I'm not sure that first person is the way to go. Yet every time I try to re-imagine the story in third person, my brain just runs up against obstacles like an incompetent skater in a maze.