February 2nd, 2007


Three things I just discovered about the Mondo Zombie anthology:

1) As one of only four anthologies to acquire the minimum number of recommendations to move onto the preliminary ballot for the Stoker Awards, it will automatically move onto the Final Ballot. Congrats to John Skipp and the book!

2) It's now listed as being out of print at Cemetery Dance.

3) There are already some dealers who are selling the signed and limited edition. I don't have one of these. I want one.

My story in Mondo Zombie, "Sparks Fly Upward", has an interesting history. I was always a big fan of both the Romero zombie films and the first two Skipp/Spector Book of the Dead anthologies, and when I heard (about ten years ago) that Skipp was buying for a third volume, I jumped to submit. I had this idea that the authors in the first two Dead collections had gone overboard with trying to bust wide taboos by having lots of zombie sex, so I wanted to find another way to be daring, and came up with a story that actually suggested that abortion could be a genuinely moral act. I wrote the story, submitted, and actually got an honest-to-God phone call acceptance*. How often does that happen? I was a happy girl.

I'm sure you all know by now about this book's long, strange road to publication (at least ten years and - what - five publishers?). What's funny is that of the three stories I had out last year, if you'd ask me to bet on which one might make the Stoker preliminary ballot, I would have guessed "Sparks". Not that I'm unhappy to make it with "Tested", mind you, but I secretly wanted it to be this one. Oh well, life does like to surprise us, doesn't it?

*=I also got one phone-call rejection, from Tom Piccirilli (for an anthology that never saw the light of day). He called to tell me he loved my story, but knew his co-editor wouldn't. He was right.