January 13th, 2007

Control freak vs. masochist

Those of you who know me will undoubtedly be shocked and surprised beyond all human comprehension to hear that I've taken on yet another job for HWA:

I'm now the official Stoker coordinator for our 2007 event. It's the one that's going to be held at the World Horror Convention in Toronto.

I got tired of the endless chain of volunteers who took the job, waxed wildly enthusiastic for a few weeks, then quit. The older I get, the more impatient I am with people; it's often harder for me to sit back and watch someone flail about trying to do a job than to just step in say, "Look, just let me do the frigging thing already."

I'm actually expecting this to be fun. When I did this in 2005, it was fun, and that involved a lot of work I won't have to do this year, since WHC is doing all that stuff. I'll be working with my friend (and most frequent editor) Steve Jones, so I figure it'll be like planning a big party with a friend for all my other friends.

Party on!