January 1st, 2007

2006 Movies

Last year I really enjoyed reading nick_kaufmann's list of books he'd read in the previous year, so I thought I'd keep my own list this year for sharing...well, today.

Except the list of books is frankly not very interesting. Nearly half of what I read in 2006 was for research purposes (care to share on Treaty Ports of China and Japan, anyone?). The other 50% was largely a mix of graphic novels and books by friends. I will, however, still do a brief post about my five favorite books of 2006 later.

For today, though - I also kept a list of movies I watched this year (including complete runs of television series), and that's a pretty wacky and wonderful thing. It's long, so I've stuck it behind the cut:

Collapse )

Here's a breakdown:

16 movies in theaters
7 Russ Meyer films
8 Mexican horror movies
11 Shaw Bros. (on Celestial DVDs)
6 old film noirs
13 new Hong Kong films
8 documentaries
5 animated films (& 1 series)
6 David Lynch films (& 2 series)
4 movies starring Nicholas Tse

So my directors of the year were Russ Meyer and David Lynch, and my star of the year was this fine-looking young man:

I'll pick my five favorite 2006 movies tomorrow. Stay tuned!