November 10th, 2006

Let's do lunch

Yesterday I had lunch with the writer/director of several successful horror films. Turned out we had some interesting things in common, and the meal was a delight. The comment that floored me, however, was when my dining companion told me of his work as a script doctor; for his last job - this is rewriting an existing script, mind you - he was paid $300,000.

I know that's not unusual, but...well, let's put it this way: That's almost exactly TEN TIMES what I was paid for the scripts on my last three movies combined.

See, here's the thing: That part of the film business has always been utterly mysterious to me. It's like being in Prohibition, and I know there's this great speakeasy, and I know where it is and what goes on inside, and I know I'd have a great time if I got in - but I don't know the password, and all I ever hear is the mouth of the bouncer on the other side of the door snarling, "Get lost, kid."

Oh, and yes - said writer/director is pushing an immensely cool project which would mean work for me. So maybe I'll get into that speakeasy yet, hmm? But in the meantime - I'm closer to getting the password to the cool party across the street wherein they talk about books...