November 7th, 2006

Overheard at INLAND EMPIRE

Do all writers love to eavesdrop? Myself, I am a gleefully unrepentent eavesdropper. I've picked up some choice dialogue and character bits from people I didn't know.

What better place to listen in on the conversations of twentysomething trendies than a gala festival screening of the new David Lynch film Inland Empire? Sure enough, seated on my right in the Cinerama Dome last night were a young lady of 20, and a young man of about the same age. At first I thought they were on a first date, but eventually realized she was lesbian (or at least bi and not very interested in him). She worked in the film biz, but I couldn't ascertain as exactly what (although she did brag about getting the hookers for one show). Sample dialogue:

HER: I don't get along with my parents. My dad wanted me to be a computer programmer.

HIM: Why is that?

HER: That's what he does.

HIM: So I guess he likes his job.

HER: No, he hates his job. He just wants to pass on his hostile, repressed anger.

(A few moments later)

HER: Are you into your mom?

HIM (nervous laughter, then): Well, yeah - everybody's into my mom. Are you into your mom?

HER: Oh GOD no!

These two should NEVER be allowed into the Psychology/Self-Help section of a bookstore ever again.

At the end of the evening, her only comment on the film was that she was disappointed that Laura Dern never appeared topless.

Oh yeah, the film was pretty fine, too. Not a Blue Velvet, perhaps, and it's too long and too fragmented...but Dern is brilliant, and it's got plenty of walloping great stuff. Lynch was there, and spoke briefly afterwards. Best Lynch line of the evening: "I LOVE whores and animals!"