October 15th, 2006

RDR is over

The Rolling Darkness Revue performance went splendidly last night. Pete (Atkins) and Glen (Hirshberg) had quite a set prepared, with backdrop, pub sign, bar, special lights, and two live musicians (synths and guitar). They even had a framing device, which involved travelers earning their keep on the coldest night of the year by entertaining with stories. Pete opened, then I followed, then Aimee Bender, then Glen closed. NPR was there audiotaping the whole thing, and the audience was large and responsive. Special thanks to the fabulous Stephen Woodworth and his wife Kelly Dunn for stopping by (and shout out, y'all - I predict Kelly will soon be a force in the genre to be reckoned with, seriously!). As usual, I wish my voice was stronger, though - I can't sing, and when I try to speak up my voice just turns into a whine. Good thing I'm not an actress.

Best post-performance conversation of the night (with a very young lady whom I'm guessing may be a writing student of Glen's):

HER: I really liked your story. Did you have to do a lot of research on jury duty?

ME: No, I just did jury duty a couple of months ago.

HER: What?!

ME: A couple of months ago...I had to do jury duty. It was an awful experience (as always), so I wrote this story about it.

HER: You mean like...in August?

ME: Yeah...

HER: So you wrote this story since then?!

ME: Uh-huh.

HER: But...but...it's so POLISHED!!!

ME: Thanks.