October 6th, 2006

Inspiring produce

Yesterday's trip to the world's greatest supermarket (the Hawaii Market at the corner of Valley Blvd. and Del Mar in the San Gabriel Valley) yielded this little gem:

"Big deal," you're thinking, "a piece of fruit."

Yes, but the bin was labeled...DINOSAUR EGG PLUMS.

How can you not go home with a bag of Dinosaur Egg Plums?!

(In case you're dying to know, I also bought some instant noodles that blow this Ramen crap away, a bottle of oyster sauce, some gailan, a package of red bean buns, a jar of chili-flavored tofu, some vegetarian "Oriental flavor" ham, two cans of "Pearl Milk Tea", and a large box of Strawberry Pocky. No soju.)

I simply must use Dinosaur Egg Plums in a story now.

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Okay, let's test this Youtube embed thing with a little taste of the most exquisite film ever made:

And hey, gweilo - if you ain't seen Tsui Hark's Green Snake in full, you need to head on over to FiveStar Laser right now and buy yourself one. You won't regret it.