October 1st, 2006

Soju is the Devil's Juice

Oh, my achin' head...yes, a fantastic Korean barbecue dinner last night with Ricky, faustfatale and Christa's delightful friend "the other Lisa" led to a Sunday of misery for me. See, they served a free beer or soju with our set meals. I took the soju. It came in a bottle the size of a beer, so I'm thinking, "Hey, it's like beer, right?" Wrong. I consumed a bottle I now suspect was meant to be shared AMONG FOUR PEOPLE. I feel like I did at the World Horror Convention when people kept buying me gin and tonics. Except this time I also ate an insane amount of meat, which is something I haven't done in years. Oh, and in case you don't know how Korean barbecue works, here's your photographic crash course:

Step No. 1: You order a set meal for four. They bring bowl after bowl of delightful little tidbits to the table, everything from kimchi to pickled onions to marinated beef cubes to ginger (this is called "panchan"). Note huge plate of beef and pork in background.

Step No. 2: The waiter lights the middle of your table on fire. He puts a little cooking board atop it. You cook the endless meat and some lovely vegetables (in this case slices of sweet potato and mushroom) right there. Ricky's hard at work, as you can see.

Step No. 3: You eat. Here's Christa with the neverending plate of meat (this really is after we've been eating for a while). And, if you're stupid like me, you drink the entire bottle of soju by yourself.

Excuse me now while I go flop down horizontally again and try to pretend that I'm planning a short story and not just waiting for the misery to pass.