September 18th, 2006

Small good orts

- The HWA SFV mixer on Saturday night actually worked (phew!). We had good attendance, gave out HWA informational flyers, took addresses for our e-mail list, enjoyed some great food (our chosen restaurant, the Eclectic in North Hollywood, was a big hit), and chatted ourselves hoarse for four solid hours. You can see a few photos here. Thanks to everyone who came!

- The Rolling Darkness Revue 2006 chapbook is already sold out at Earthling's website! However, never fear: Copies will be available at all live performances of RDR, or you can contact me privately for a copy and we'll work something out.

- You all know about the passing of Charles Grant on Friday, no doubt. I'd just like to say that now is one of those times when I'm happy to be HWA's Treasurer, since we're working to both create a donation in Charlie's memory, and to help out his widow Kathy Ptacek. I'll post more details here about the donation fund when they become available.

- I've started the polish of The Castle of Los Angeles, and I'm pleased to say that I'm enjoying re-reading it from the beginning. Always nice when you don't hate your book, isn't it?