September 6th, 2006


Got the galleys last night for the chapbook of Rolling Darkness Revue 2006, to be published shortly by Earthling Publications. Check out this line-up:

"Between the Cold Moon and the Earth" by Peter Atkins
"Cold Duty" by Lisa Morton
"Three Doors" by Norman Partridge
"Late Bloomer" by Clay Mcleod Chapman
"One of Us" by Dennis Etchison
"Millwell" by Glen Hirshberg

Only the Etchison is a reprint. I don't know about the Partridge and Chapman pieces, but I believe that Glen, Pete and I all wrote new stories specifically for this year's Rolling Darkness Revue.

Amusing sidenote: The idea this year was to incorporate cold into the story in some way, but you can tell that Glen, Pete and I are all SoCal residents enduring our hottest summer on record, since all three of these stories mention three-digit temperatures but find some way to mention cold (only mine is actually set in L.A., however).