September 5th, 2006

Screenwriting...sort of...

Yeah, I know, I vowed to put aside screenwriting for a while after last year's triple debacle, but an opportunity to actually have a bit of fun with the format recently presented itself.

If you know my man Ricky, you know that he's into something called "machinima". That's a lie, truthfully - he's obsessed with it. In case you don't know, "machinima" films are animated shorts made on home computers using the software extras (or "engines") that are provided with most of the big games these days.

Ricky idealistically sees machinima as an art form that is available to everyone, and has a tremendous amount of potential; I see it as the Super-8 home movies of the 21st century, frankly. Most of what I've seen in machinima has been either music videos, plotless action scenes, rip-offs of the original games, or just plain silly.

Ricky recently worked with a young man in Germany on a machinima short film called "The Days After" - you can view it here (and yes, that's Ricky you'll hear providing the lead vocal performance). This is certainly better than the run-of-the-mill machinima film, but I still don't share Ricky's optimism.

So he challenged me to write one that was better. He and the young German man who made "The Days After" had an idea of taking the central idea of a devastating superflu and using it as the basis of an anthology series.

So I wrote 'em one called "Kiss Kiss Bang Banger".

They're starting work on it now. Unlike "The Days After", it's fast, funny, and has an upbeat ending. Will it revolutionize machinima? Hell, no...but it should make for an entertaining short film.

And I'll probably be less embarrassed by it than the last three feature films I got paid for.

P.S. I'll be providing the female lead vocal in it, too, 'cause of course I'm always saying to Ricky, "God, the acting SUCKS in these machinima things!" So now I get to put my money where my mouth is...or is that my mouth where my money is? Or money isn't?