August 6th, 2006


This appeared in the most recent newsletter from Tom Piccirilli*:

Even though it hasn't been ANNOUNCED by Cemetery Dance Publications
yet, my anthology of movie-related horror stories MIDNIGHT PREMIERE
is due to be released in the next couple of months (arcs should be
hitting soon). With cover art by the great Alan M. Clark, the book
will contain stories by: Gary Braunbeck, Ed Gorman, Brian Hodge,
Thomas F. Monteleone, Ray Garton, T.M. Wright, Patrick Lussier, Del
Howison, Mark McLaughlin, Al Sarrantonio, and many others. Keep your
eyes peeled, and I'll provide more info when I have it.


My story "Forces of Evil, Starring Robert Fields" (co-authored with the lovely and talented Richard Grove) will also be in the book. I am really thrilled to share space with those gentlemen, let me tell you!

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