August 2nd, 2006

CD and Chizine

Just saw issue #55 of Cemetery Dance, and gotta say - it's pretty damn cool to see somebody as cool as Keith Minnion do an illo for my story! Somehow I've never had an illustration accompany one of my stories (at least by someone other than Rick Pickman, and HE doesn't count), so this was a sweet deal.

Mike Marano and I throwdown over Superman Returns over at Chizine right now. Hint: Mike liked I. I was mixed.

However...stay tuned for a special mid-month Throwdown extra, as Mike and I tackle The Descent. This one promises to be a real flying-feet no-holds-barred three-counts-and-you're-out throwdown, because I absolutely loathed this thing, so don't miss this special Throwdown!