July 29th, 2006

High School Boredom

My high school reunion was held today. As far as I know, it was the first reunion that's been held for my graduating class, which was huge (1,100). It's funny, because I've occasionally fantasized about going to a high school reunion and bragging on my accomplishments (such as they are), but when I was actually presented with the opportunity...I realized I wouldn't be caught dead there.

See, I was not a popular kid in high school. In point of fact, I wasn't anything in high school - I didn't really fall into any of the easily definable categories or cliques. I suppose I could have been considered a brain, but because fucking P.E. counted towards your GPA, I could never maintain a 4.0 average so I wasn't like an oustanding brain or something (well, okay - I did ace IQ tests, which I happened to have a real talent for). Despite the size of my school, I had no friends my age; all my friends were college kids (I've always been weird that way; when I was a very young child, I always wanted to hang out with my parents' adult friends, because other kids bored and disgusted me). By the time I was a senior I knew I wanted to write, but because of my various test scores my counselors literally banned me from all creative endeavors - I could take Honors Calculus, but not film. You can only imagine how they all flinched and stammered when I insisted on majoring in Film at college.

So, going to my high school reunion would be me wandering around amongst a bunch of strangers, and thinking about one of the duller, unhappier parts of my life. I'd rather spend the day as a productive adult, doing things I really love, in the company of people who I can really appreciate. Oh, and by the way...yep, most of my closest friends are still older than me!