July 21st, 2006

A line I wish I'd written

From Jason McBride's review of M. Night Shyamalan's new film Lady in the Water:

"It's one thing to make films imbued with the wonderment of childhood, but it's another to make films as if you were a child."

I realize I'm probably the only person on earth who thought The Sixth Sense was at best barely competent. It left me so underwhelmed I've never seen another Shyamalan movie, but there's no escaping the Night hype. I think it's possible that he's even put a pretty big hurtin' on the horror genre, since now horror films (and non-horror films as well, in all fairness) often rely on ridiculous twist endings to sell weak, otherwise predictable stories. Shyamalan is often compared to Spielberg, but myself I'd align him more with William Castle, as moderately talented hacks whose careers are based on gimmicks.

Of course I actually enjoyed The Tingler and the original 13 Ghosts, so that's not entirely fair to Castle.