July 15th, 2006

Beat back

Yesterday I thought I'd come up with the ideal way to beat the heat: About twilight I doused myself in water, then took the laptop and a glass of chilled sake out onto the patio. Sprawled in the chair, temp's down to a mere 90, I'm cruising along...except the chair's pretty uncomfortable, and my back starts aching. I get in maybe 800, 900 words, and have to get up, but I'm thinking, Hey, this is still better than frying inside.

Then this morning I bent over to pull on my shoes, and - imagine the sound of a piano string being snapped - hello sprained back.

Today it's supposed to hit 105 in the Valley. Now I'm broiling and in agony.

The Castle of Los Angeles will be a book drenched in sweat and tears. Hopefully I can avoid the blood part.