July 14th, 2006

Those wacky feminists, the Go-Gos

The LA TIMES featured a big story on the Go-Gos today, and it would seem they're making a comeback. Seeing the Go-Gos and Jane Wiedlin always puts me in mind of my little pet peeve with Ms. Wiedlin:

Back when I did this silly children's movie Adventures in Dinosaur City, the director decided one day to incorporate a musical number performed by cavewomen (don't ask), and so - while staggering around the set very late one night after another 20-hour work day - I wrote a ridiculous song called "Hit Me Over the Head Again, Darlin'". A very young composer (who is now rather big) named John Debney wrote the music to go with my lyrics ("Hit me over the head again, darlin'/Drag me around by my hair/Hit me over the head again, darlin'/And show me that you still care"). Then they brought in Jane Wiedlin to sing the finished song.

Well, Jane took one look at the song and apparently exclaimed, "I can't sing that - it's sexist!" So the song was changed to "Ooh, I Love It When You Get Primitive, Darlin'". And Jane was happy.

Thank god one of the Go-Gos had enough sense to change my entire perspective on feminism. I'm a better woman today because of it.