July 1st, 2006

Guess what country it's from?*

Today's amazing spam (I've recreated their use of bold):

Subject: You step closer to the toilet, we fix it

There are tick of life when you are not fully assertive in yourself. This can happened because of many many possible reasons work hassle, body fatigue, bad mood or just a bad meteorological conditions. And the worst case is when you can not appease the your partner. This is when we come to help you and restore your voluptuous healthiness and your manhood confidence in our online shop

A trouble-free insignia will help your miniature john-doe because a real JOHNDOE making your spouse shriek from a pleasure.

Easy to use with flawless price (up to 30% markdown comparing with similar products). Shipped in diplomatic box with 1 day provision.

We are approved by VISA and FDA.
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