June 27th, 2006

Where did all the markets go?

This weekend I asked Jeff Gelb when Hot Blood 13 was hitting shelves. He told me September...of 2007. This on top of my story in the seemingly-vanished Tom Piccirilli-edited anthology Midnight Premiere and the number of markets that seem to be closing lately has me scratching my head and wondering what da heck's going on with the whole field of horror short fiction lately?

Ten years ago there were still plenty of good print magazines, anthology series (like the Mammoth books), and stand-alone anthologies; but these days paying magazines like Flesh and Blood are shutting down, Borderlands 6 is taking years just to read their submissions, let alone actually publish, and there seem to be less paying stand-alone anthos every year.

So what gives? Small press collections and novels seem as healthy as ever, so there's an audience out there. Is this another case of a market that was flooded with crap and now needs a few years to recover? Is the rage for internet publishing killing print venues? Or is this a particularly nasty offshoot of the number of non-paying or royalty-only projects?

All opinions are welcome...