June 26th, 2006

Shaolin monks and Stokers

The first half of yesterday was taken up with the fabulous combo shindig of faustfatale's birthday/Chinese Food Festival. It was sadly so hot that our food intake was limited, but we nevertheless stuffed ourselves silly with boba, leek pancakes, egg custard tarts, squid tentacles and roast duck. We also witnessed a performance by Shaolin monks that was genuinely impressive - okay, they're hot. I'm sorry, but it's true. Any man who can crack a whip repeatedly at such volume levels that it's deafening 70 feet away earns my heart! Check out Christa's photos - I'm especially fond of the one of her and Shaolin monk junior, who was too kind in consenting to pose for two crazed gwailo chicks.

Then the night was spent in celebration of the Stoker win for Dark Delicacies. Del and Sue hosted a party at (surprise!) Dark Delicacies. Check out the group photo of the two happy editors and some of the contribs:

(Standing, left to right: Steve Niles, Whitley Strieber, Jeff Gelb, David Schow; kneeling, Robert Steven Rhine, Lisa, Del Howison)

The champagne flowed freely, and a fine time was had by all.

Now I really need to get back to work. My few spare moments of late have gone to putting together HWA's tax stuff, going over our final Stoker figures, and getting the HWA San Fernando Valley's website in place. My latest novel has stalled at 12,000 words. Time to settle down in the summer heat and get crackin'.

Agent update

The agent I met with at the Stoker weekend (and who I liked very much) just requested the complete manuscript of Netherworld.

I need a Valium.