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June 10th, 2006

Coming soon - in Portuguese

I just signed the contracts with the lovely folks at Peixe E Fritas to have three of my plays translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market. The plays they wanted are two horror one-acts, "Too Young To" and "Sane Reaction", and my full-length science fiction comedy "Trashers". Apparently genre stuff is big on the Brazilian stage right now!

"Trashers" is especially a bittersweet one for me. It was my only original full-length play (the other was an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's "Radio Free Albemuth"), and I loved the heck out of it...until I actually put it into production. It wasn't that the play didn't stand up - it did - but that the production itself was just cursed in every respect. It was a disastrous six-week run, led to the worst review of my life (in the L.A. Times), cost me insane amounts of work and money, and the conclusion was that I swore to never do theater again.

Now this year I have an essay on playwriting for HWA's On Writing Horror, I have plays being translated into Portuguese, and I'm writing a novel set in the world of small theater in LA. Oh well, at least I'm not actually doing any theater myself, right?

This week's best paperback cover...

...is this winner from 1951:

Best quip on this cover goes to my pal Bob Johnson: "Well, at least he's concentrating on the road!"