June 3rd, 2006

Darn those interruptions (not really)

Okay, so The Castle of Los Angeles is off to a rocky start, having been interrupted by the arrival of out-of-town friends. Since they'd never been to L.A. before, we decided to take them to our favorite ancient creaky restaurant and famed writers' hangout:

Musso and Frank's really is worth a visit. Yeah, it ain't cheap, but you can get out with a darn good meal for thirty bucks, which ain't outrageous these days, and you get to soak up the atmosphere. Leather booths, dark old wood, peeling murals...you can practically hear Dashiell Hammett at the bar ordering up that next martini.

Ricky's kinda into their food, too, in case you couldn't tell:

I, of course, can personally attest to the superb nature of their martinis (although I didn't imbibe this time, since I'm still on copious meds for my dual wisdom tooth extraction). A fine time was had by all.