June 1st, 2006

The next two months

It is June 1st. But before I tell you why that's interesting, let's flash back to:

Two weeks ago, and I'm having a conversation with Dennis Etchison. I tell Dennis that I'm trying to focus on writing novels now. Dennis, who is not only one of my favorite writers but something of a mentor (whether he acknowledges it or not), tells me that the only way to write a novel is very quickly, preferably no more than 6 or 8 weeks. I say that Netherworld's first draft was written that quickly, and he nods sagely.

So, back to the future: It is June 1st, and today I will officially begin writing my second novel, The Castle of Los Angeles. I've been thinking about this story in somewhat abstract ways for years; I never actually tried to outline it as a novel until last week. I will start writing it today, and give myself until August 1st to finish the first draft. Eight weeks.

The beginning has already changed radically since the outline I did just a week ago, and I now have only the vaguest idea really of how to start it. Well, here goes...let's see what happens.

Eight weeks and counting...