May 29th, 2006

Sad writer's confession

No, I'm not going to tell you I voted for Bush or that I am in favor of Orson Scott Card's hateful and absurd take on gay marriage. No, my secret sad writer's confession is this:

I've based several stories on my cats.

Nobody hates cute fluffy cat mysteries or fantasy (or, god forbid, furry fiction) more than me, but I have to admit that living with cats has been a source of inspiration to my horror fiction. First there was "Love Eats", published in the Stephen Jones anthology Dark Terrors; this story explored the notion of love for an animal, something that I don't think has been dealt with enough in any form of fiction outside of oodgy "Old Yeller"-ish kidfic.

Then there's my novel Netherworld. One of the three protagonists is a cat named Mina. This is Roxie, the real Mina:

Roxie is uncannily smart, and very protective of me. She's vocal (and highly opinionated!), devoted, and a bit of a bully when it comes to other cats. She knows how to work her cutes. She loves television, especially cartoons and Hong Kong movies with lots of flying. She's a brilliant con artist.

Roxie's 10th birthday was this week, so happy birthday, kid!