May 18th, 2006

An ugly head rears again

For some reason the subject of Blood Angels has come up more often recently. Of course I should have expected to hear a mention or two of it at the World Horror Convention, but I've also had it mentioned by three recent e-mail correspondents. So, even though I've already written extensively about the debacle of Blood Angels, let's talk a little about my mutilated bastard child yet again.

God, I loved the first draft of that script. It was written quickly, it was hugely influenced by Hong Kong cinema (especially in its strange, intertwining real-time narrative structure), and it was a horror flick for (gasp) women. I still think it would have been the hottest cult film in years, had it been made as written (weirdly enough, I also think it would have been less expensive to make if it had been made as written). It would have made more money, and become a nice piece for the producers' library. Instead, it's one more disposable piece of video trash, no better (and not too much worse) than most of the rest of the dreck.

I still don't understand the kind of ego that says, "Hey, this is great but I need to piss all over it." Nor do I understand the kind of producer thinking that goes, "Hey, I paid money for this script because I thought it was good and commercial, but I'll just let somebody else piss all over it."

Blood Angels is one of the two biggest diappointments of my life (the other was my stage play Trashers). It's probably the single biggest reason I've decided to stop writing screenplays (at least for a while) and move to novels...which is something I should have done years ago anyway. If it turns out that I can write novels that get published and enjoyed, then maybe Blood Angels was good for something after all.

But if you mention that movie to me and get a bitter response, don't be surprised. It's kind of like going up to the guy whose wife just left him for a teenaged hunk and saying, "Hey, how's the little missus?"