April 16th, 2006

"Pepe is dead"

I thought I'd share my favorite, heartwarming Easter story with everyone on this special day:

My friend Bob lives next to a very eccentric, elderly Mexican lady named Luisa. Luisa lives in a one-bedroom duplex apartment with at least eight chihuahuas, none of whom she apparently ever walks (the smell wafting out of her place on a hot day will knock you over). She's quite the character: Short, stout, always wearing humongous floral hats, and with a nearly indecipherable accent.

So a few years ago Bob encounters her one Sunday, and she says to him, "Pepe is dead!"

Bob, of course, immediately thinks of all those yappy little dogs. "Oh, I'm so sorry," he responds.

She stares at him strangely, then repeats, "Pepe is dead."

Bob runs this through his brain again, and can only say, "Pepe's not one of the dogs?"

Luisa tries yet again: "No, no - Pepe is dead! PEPE - IS DEAD!"

Finally Bob realizes that she's actually saying "Happy Easter", but it just comes out sounding like "Pepe is dead".

So, I'd like to wish you all Pepe is dead. And now - bring on the Peeps!