April 12th, 2006

Ah, old Hollywood

Tonight I was making myself melancholy going through a 1940 book (by Jack Lord...THE Jack Lord, Mr. Hawaii 5-0 himself?) called How to Sin in Hollywood. Why melancholy? Because I feel like I just missed out on L.A.'s glory days, back when women put on sequined dresses, men wore tails, and you went out to The Trocadero or The Cocoanut Grove. I love L.A. (born and raised here), but it's really not an especially glamorous place in the 21st century. Ahh, for those days...

So, wishing I could have visited any of the amazing restaurants described in this book, I came across this one:

I was instantly cheered - "Aha! A place that still exists, that I've been to, that I can go to any time! A place that yet has a hint of that bygone glamour, where you can easily imagine Raymond Chandler buying a round of martinis, or Orson Welles interviewing a new starlet!"

Having temporarily buoyed my spirits, I then had to go and read the small print, of course:

Oh good grief...those fabulous martinis were TWENTY-FIVE CENTS?!! Entrees starting from 60 cents?!!!

Great. Now I'm more depressed than ever.